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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2013 7:30am-8:00am PST

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english language learner kids, they have a better shot at success in other school districts in the bay area than they do in the san francisco school district. we have to change that. this appropriation is about recognizing that while money is not the only answer, money is part of the answer. this is about closing the achievement gap which is one of the single most important challenges that we are facing as a city. that is why this vote is so important. and so i would once again - and i have a lot of respect for my colleagues and i understand the reasoning that has been reticulated - but the reason why i am against, by releasing money that the district is entitled to, we are not doing anything
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-- it would be a mistake for san francisco not to make this choice now. for everyday, every month that we delay making that additional expenditure the achievement gap with some students is going to grow wider and will become more expensive to close it. i hope that we support this item. and again i want to thank supervisor kim and the other cosponsors. and i look forward to working with our new colleagues. >> president: supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i'm glad that supervisor mar mentioned it. i want to congratulate san francisco unified school district for passing its annual financial audit % which it always does % but for the first time ever passing without any findings. it was reported in the examiner.
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the auditors themselves said they had never seen a government agency past without any findings. the fact that the school district is marking every "i" and crossing every "t" -- i want to thank the superintendents. it is the highest performing urban school district. the leadership and work of many dedicated teachers and educators in that agency, in an agency very committed to closing that achievement gap because despite of having the top performer school district we also have the widest achievement gap. only in the last year we have seen a steady decrease
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in the gap and for me the investment is going to further decrease the gap. i am sorry i not mention the members of the committee, advocates, members of the san francisco parent -- college track, booker t. washington, -a -for your many months of work on this issue. the budget is always a choice, a choice of priorities. this rises to the top in terms of how we spent our general fund dollars i know we don't. all agree with where the source of funds come from. we have a 15 million dollar estate reserve fund, and now we have a 74 million dollar revenue top of that because of the increase in the economy.
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for me the commitment to the community is that if we are helping companies grow in the city and helping them prosper, that funding will eventually come back down to the community, support the communities that needed the most. >> supervisor breed: i am excited to be here. thank you to all of my colleagues for being so welcoming. i'm having a hard time with this legislation. as a product public schools i remember years ago and now i'm not that old % i remember the decisions and bad decisions. i have watched over the years, working with many of the kids especially teens, the problems that continue to face.
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as executive director of the african-american art and culture complex, i have to pay for tutors and work with kids who were high school but who could not read and understand by the time they are in high school. i have yet to see a successful program that helps to address the issues that many of these teens face. i have a real concern with getting money -- (correction) giving money, when it is not clear how the money will be used. i came to the office and made it clear that children will be a number one priority. in this case, i think that would supervisor kim is doing with legislation in this way is a great step, but i have seen time and time again a lot of waste.
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services don't necessarily reach these children. we have kids who are continuously not graduating. i still don't see a real plan from school district as to how they are going to actually serve this population, what's being cut, what's been changed, what's being moved. it's just not completely clear to me. i am coming in this is been on the table for some time now % i have gotten phone calls from a number of people, a lot of different explanations. when i look at the legislation, i think it is clear that it is appropriate for us to give excuse me for a second % the 1 point - where are we? i apologize. i lost my place. the amount we are entitled to give to the school district.
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i have real can sermons about being supportive of providing 843,000 in state reserves until i know specifically where this money is going the accountability, and i don't want to micro manage the school district but i want to see a more comprehensive plan as to how they plan to use these funds. i would like to see the school district take the leadership and provide an overall plan that this is how we will tackle this problem, these are the kids that we will target; these are the organizations that will help us get to the point that these get for graduate. i don't see that plan. 843,000 in a 7 billion dollar budget seems like a drop in the bucket. the reality is that i'm not seeing results in my community for these kids.
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unfortunately it makes it very challenging for me as a supervisor to say that just because this is for the kids i am willing to support this legislation. i am prepared to be supportive if amended which i don't know if it's going to be amended to provide the school district with the amount that they are definitely entitled to and without a real plan, a comprehensive plan i cannot be supportive of 843,000 in state reserves until that time. >> any further discussion? two votes on this is supervisor wiener has asked us to do. 843,000 and the second vote on the remainder. roll call. >> supervisor breed: no. >> supervisor campos: no
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president: aye. >> supervisor farrell: no >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: no >> supervisor yee: aye 7 ayes, 4 no's. that portion of the ordinance is passed. the balance. >> supervisor breed: aye. >> supervisor campos: aye >> supervisor chiu: aye >> president: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor wiener: >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye 11 ayes.
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>> that portion of the ordinance is also passed. item 13. the resolution of holding the department of public works recommendation. roll call. >> supervisor breed: aye >> supervisor campos: aye >> president: aye >> supervisor chiu: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> 11 ayes. resolution is adopted. >> item 14.
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>> president: this ordinance is passed on the first reading. next item. >> 15. >> this ordinance is passed first read. next item. >> item 16. (agenda) >> supervisor chiu.
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>> supervisor chiu: this item came before the finance committee last week and had a robust discussion centered around the fact that only 6 million would go into direct subsidies. we have a questions about the rest whether it was overhead. in any grant or you have 13 million in only 6 million reaches the beneficiary seems like a low percentage. we had questions about that. since that time the department of the environment sent additional documentation where they have broken out what additional work they do above and beyond the 6 billion dollars in direct subsidy. they show that about 1.4 goes in the benchmarking and outreach, scheduling visits, site surveys, following up with contractors. at this point in comfortable with
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supporting this item. i wanted to share with the board some of the conversation that has happened and it is a good item to look for in any grant, how much of the direct overhead we are charging versus what goes out to businesses. in the situation in particular around energy efficiency just being able, to reach around businesses is an important thing and do it in the language and the effort to share with people what they can do to help. i am going to support this item and wanted to share the data presented by doe. >> can we take this item, same house and call? without objection this ordinance is passed in the first reading. item 17. >> same house same call. this resolution is adopted.
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item 18. >> president: same house same call this resolution is adopted. item 19. supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: i wanted to thank my co-author supervisor avalos, but especially breathe california in a coalition of tobacco free and health advocates. in 2012 they were 250 street festivals and fairs in san
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francisco from carnavals to the chinese year. all of these events attract smokers. this is an important ordinance that will make sure that we have more smoke-free festivals and events. exposure to secondhand smoke kills about 3000, non-smokers from lung cancers and 46,000 non-smokers of heart disease in the u.s. also individuals with asthma and other respiratory illnesses that is why such a strong coalition including young people from sf state to the asthma task force and the coalition working to make sure we have more smoke-free places in san francisco. research shows that exposure to second-hand home outdoors is
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just as bad as endorsed. this is the first city to have an ordinance about smoke-free festivals. there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand spoke, several studies show that exposure again, outdoors can reach levels the same as endorse and can be just as dangerous. for quite a few months i have been working with various groups, breathe california, the department of public health, support with broad sectors. requires that no smoking signs be posted, two,several announcement be made that the event is smoke-free and all promotional material includes information that the event is smoke-free. in the case of repeated violations the director of transportation
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in the inter agency which coordinates transit and transportation will consider all violations. san francisco would become the first large city in the us to adopt this type of regulation. also want to correct one of the findings. i want to urge strong support and again thank my co-author supervisor avalos. thank you. >> president: is there second to the amendment? seconded by supervisor farrell. without objection the amendment will be added. >> supervisor kim: i appreciate the legislation coming before us.
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i have a quick question for the author. the number of announcements to be made at the festival. is that enforceable? do we need to prescribed to that extent? i believe the members attending should know. but if we have to do it to that level of detail. >> the vice president of breathe california has said this is largely public education effort does not have any additional enforcement attached to it. the more public awareness, announcements from stage, people will get more familiar and self-patrol. we are working with event producers, and others, super they will be fully aware of the requirements but it is important to have regular and periodic announcements.
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>> president: can we take this ordinance and to same house same call? this ordinance is passed in the first reading as amendment. colleagues we have with us the changing change of rules, shifted our special accommodation period from 3:30 to 2:30. the commending parties are here. i would like to know supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: i and standing for families and children, tremendous community supporter. i see jonathan lions from the board. if you want to come forward in support,
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you're welcome to do so. i want to say that pat house isretiring from 23 years of service to the richmond district. it is a 33-year-old organization that sits in a 1920 building. the former san francisco unified school district billing. i think it is really a shining example of a community standing together to build it can indeed from the youngest of the oldest. patricia has led the rdnc in supporting children, teenagers, families and seniors from all backgrounds by providing valuable multicultural arts and recreational programs.
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she has built the center to be a multipurpose, multiethnic face where everybody of diverse backgrounds feels at home. gatherings at the center, advocated on behalf of the city level to develop rdnc to a thriving, multipurpose community center. and all the centers around the city, for them pat has been a champion. through her warmth and sense of humor and wonderful effort that brings people to the center i think that she has led with tremendous integrity and vision that has served the neighborhood. she is an outstanding role model for all the children in richmond and the city as well. through patricia's tireless efforts he has addressed
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many critical need throughout the richmond district. she has fostered respect for all people and the environment and improve the lives of tens of thousands of individuals and their families. a one to invite my colleagues to join me in congratulating patricia in retiring after 23 years of service. we will vote on declaring january 17 as patricia -- day and congratulate her on her retirement. pat townsend. (applause) >> thank you so much. thank you supervisor mar thank you all for your very hard work
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on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, and the san francisco school district. i hold in my heart in particular the san francisco school district. my husband and my children are graduates of the school district and my grandchildren are beginning at lafayette elementary. thank you so much supervisor kim. this is been a wonderful, wild, and crazy ride. i started at the center 20 hours a week. as a landlady. we have two tenants, cross-cultural learning center, 2-5 year olds. and we have community music center, over 100-year old arts
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providing service to the city and county of san francisco that is outstanding. these 23 years of it just did mine. there have been many efforts to keep people in the richmond district and beyond good and viable services. we serve people from all over the city at the richmond neighborhood center. we work from schools that feed from all over the city. our staff are expanding. here today are several of our staff and several board members working hard in this transition. they did not know what they got themselves into when they decided to come on this board. the year has been a year of last times for me, last meetings, last this last that.
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i have to say that it is when your colleagues your your peers thank you. behind me are my peers. they represent not just the west side of the city but all of the city. we work very closely with families. thank you all for this wonderful, wonderful opportunity. we also have our new executive director here, charles higgins. we were dual eds for a week and a half, and i'm excited with him taking this challenge. thank you all very much. (applause)
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>> president: congratulations patricia thank you supervisor mar for that commendation. i would like to acknowledge our
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district 2 colleage for a commendation. >> supervisor farrell: i want to recognize the san francisco glen's club. >> like to think the board of supervisors for giving these guys a special honor. these guys went back to back to the state cup. last year they came up short; this year they want. they are community-based club. it is a volunteer organization, for volunteer coaches to win the state cup it is special.
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thank you very much. >> come up to the microphone. just to let everyone know what the glens are all about, a community-based soccer club founded three years ago, growing from 2 teams to 30 teams. as a parent who coaches my kids soccer game i have been on the field against the glens, they are an intimidating presence. this past december the glens 11-year-old boys won the northern california association, with a score of 8-1. in particular i want to thank brian rogers and and lou -- spent a lot of time coaching. your reputation among the kids and parents is unbelievable.
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i want to honor your incredible when especially the kids, the players in the field. congratulations on your win. (applause) and no pressure but look forward to having you back here when you win the cup next year too. >> my name is -- i play on -- travel team, we would like to thank the city and county of san francisco, also parks and rec. as a team we are proud to represent glens and very proud represent san francisco. we look forward to another successful season representing san francisco


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